Break the Cycle of Closing Churches

Every day we are heartbroken to receive phone calls from hurting pastors, church members, and churches facing depressing difficulties or, worse, on the brink of quitting or closing their doors. Many of these individuals and ministries cannot afford to bring us to them and we certainly cannot afford to take on the expenses alone. In order for us to expand our ministry to reach these hurting ones we need to raise funds. The funds will allow us to reach more churches and pastors and to get help in the hands of those in need.

Would you partner with us? Help us, Help Others.

We don’t want to see any more churches like this.

We want to get help and good material in their hands. Below represents 30 years of training and experience that can help. The proceeds from the sale of these books is only a small portion of the funds needed to help broken churches.

book cover montoge-1

We are asking people to give to the GoFundMe account out of a heart of compassion for others. This fund goes specifically to providing resources, ministry counseling and covering expenses that broken churches simply cannot afford to cover. We will report not only how much is coming in but, as it is spent, where it is going. Follow our progress from our social media sites and our web site:

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