Biblical Principles and Practicals for Every Day: A Daily Bible Study

Biblical Principles Devo

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A daily devotional written by Evangelist Daniel Woltmann. Some may call this a devotional book but that would depend on your definition of a devotional. What are we devoted to? Are we devoted to the tasks of reading the Scriptures and a lesson? Or, are we devoted to the person the Lord Jesus Christ?

This devotional gives verses and explanations of those verses. Each day begins with a biblical principle taken from Genesis to Revelation helping you to connect the dots of God’s Word.

This is followed by a practical suggestion or thought provoking challenge to help put into practice the principle learned for the day.

It is a dateless devotional meaning you can begin any day of the year with Day 1 and continue through to Day 366.

A daily Bible reading guide is included each day to read through the Bible in a year using either a Genesis-Revelation plan or chronologically. A 90-day reading plan is also included in the first 90 days. This book contains actual Scripture in the text.


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