Assessment Tools

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

Simply being “available” or the “best you have” isn’t the best criteria for filling areas of need in the church. By evaluating your people’s gifts, talents, and personalities to help determine where they might best serve in ministry you will help them THRIVE and your ministry to GROW!

Ministry Imprints Church and Non-profit evaluations are unique in that they measure five targeted criteria for the church.

Skills – Define the skill-set of every member and how it can be used for ministry

Experience – Discover what experience each member brings to your ministry

Passions – Reveal the passions of each member to release it to complete your mission

Spiritual Gifts – Determine the spiritual gifts of your members to help guide them in their place of service within the body of the church

Personality Assessment – Identify your member’s personality to understand them better

The Ministry Imprints Database created from the assessment tools of the members and the leadership team will provide a comprehensive look into the actual areas of needs and weakness and help to identify those who can fill in those areas.

Additional ministry consulting to help you utilize the information and develop a comprehensive plan for growth is also available with Dan Woltmann. For more information, contact us through Ministry Imprints.