Healthy Sheep Reproduce Sheep

Plans and programs for building a church are found almost everywhere. So many of them have great ideas and opinions that truly help the church grow. However, we seem to keep missing most basic idea of what the church truly is. The church is not the building or the place where the church gathers. The church is the people. We have all heard this and know this, but do we overlook it? Many churches are asking why they are not seeing souls saved “like they used to”. Church leaders are looking for ways to get lost people to show up to church or church events so they can give out the gospel, but are discouraged when no one or few ever come. We look for bigger and better events or make changes in schedules and services to see if that will help. It seems the harder we try the fewer results we get.

What do we do? We look at every angle except at the one we really need to look.

Sheep produce sheep.

How spiritually healthy are your sheep? When was the last time you did a complete health exam of each of the sheep in your fold? What do I mean by health exam? First, you need to determine what makes a healthy sheep. Here are some things most use to define a healthy sheep: They attend every service. They are involved in the services. They volunteer to help with programs. They teach classes because they know so much about the Bible. Beware! Some of the most unhealthy sheep in your congregation are those who are doing all of the above. These actions are not a sign of health. How many people do you know were doing all of these things and then suddenly quit. stating they are burned out and need to rest? Activity is no sign of health.

How to know if one is healthy is fairly simple. A doctor establishes a baseline of what makes a person healthy. What is the appropriate weight for this person’s height and body type? What is the best form of physical activity for a persons make up? What kind of activity is best for this person? Doctors also check family history to look at possible issues. The best doctors conduct a complete work up to determine the best outcome for being healthy.

How then do we find the spiritual health of our church members? First and foremost, if a person sitting in your church is unsaved, he is obviously sick unto death and their only help is to come to Christ. Sheep, however, are those in your church who are saved and have come to Christ for eternal life.  As leaders, we need to do a complete work up on every believer in our congregation to determine how healthy they are. What is the work up needed?

Each believer is given a serving gift from God to do the service they are called to do. The first step of work up should be to know what that gift is. Until we know how they are gifted we are unable to see if they are healthy and doing what they are called to do. God has also made us all different and unique. We need to know how God has made us in our personality. How has God uniquely made you to think and see life? God has also taken how He has made us and gifted us and, with our life experiences, given us passions and desires of our heart. Understanding one’s passions are vital to knowing that baseline of one’s health.

Once I know the baseline of health for the sheep in my fold, I can then begin to see where one is not healthy in the use of their gifts, personality, and passions. At that moment I can begin to give the proper healing medicine of the Word of God to make them the healthy member they need to be. I can also provide the proper healthy maintenance activities and truths from God’s Word to keep them healthy.

Having a healthy flock of sheep will produce more sheep. Are you leading your flock to the wrong green grass for the sickness they are going through? Do you even know what they need to get healthy and stay healthy? Stop what you are doing now and find out before you loose any more of your flock. A healthy flock will produce more flock.

Let us help you do a baseline health exam. Then, allow us to help you find the right medicine needed to bring health to your flock. We cam then help you with the on going means to stay healthy.

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