Dan Woltmann grew up in the home of full time Christian school teachers. Dan was saved at the tender age of 5 years old. Throughout his childhood and teen years he was privileged to meet and to learn from many pillars of fundamentalism and outstanding preachers. It was from these men that he developed a strong conviction on the truth of God’s Word. Dan surrendered to preach at the age of 14; he preached his first sermon at the age of 16 to his youth group. During Dan’s senior year, Dr. Bill Rice III met with Dan about his future college plans. It was then Dan decided to attend Pensacola Christian College as an evangelism major. Dan graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Evangelism in May, 1990. He was ordained in 1997.

Melissa Woltmann is the daughter of a blue collar worker and stay at home mom. Her parents believed in the importance of a good education and enrolled her in a Christian school at 4 years old. Through the ministry of this school Melissa was saved at the age of 6 following a chapel message.  Melissa surrendered to the Lord as a seventh grader. Following the Lord’s leading, Melissa attended Pensacola Christian College. She graduated in May, 1989 with a Bachelor’s degree in English Education. She has extensive experience teaching and in church office management. Melissa’s ministry experience also includes children’s ministry, teaching, counseling and writing.

Dan’s ministry experience is vast and varied. From starting four Christian service Bible clubs in college, interning with Dr. Ron Comfort, camp counselor at two different youth camps to teaching in Christian schools, there aren’t many areas Dan has not served in. As Assistant to the Pastor at Calvary Baptist, Henderson, NC under the leadership of Dr. Russell Bell, Dan learned the ins and outs of church leadership and organization.

As a result of his service with Dr. Bell, he has been able to counsel pastors and churches as they evaluate, write, and update their Constitutions and Bylaws to reflect today’s changing society and ministry needs.

Together, Dan and Melissa developed multiple children and youth programs and VBS programs, and trained leaders and teachers. They have also developed a ministry evaluation program to assist pastors and churches in determining what works in their church as well as determine areas of ministry they may be missing in their community.

Hold Fast the Truth ministry was formally founded in 2002. In the past several years they have published several books with more books planned for the future.

Dan and Melissa were married in 1991. They have one son, Nathan, who serves as operations manager of WOAK Radio in LaGrange, GA.



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