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Youth & Kids Resources

Flannelgraph, Puppets, Visual Aids

ABeka Bible Flashcards - order through the homeschool section; search by subject (Bible); OR order through the Joyful Life Sunday School program

BettyLukens.com - quality felt & flannelgraph visuals

BiblePuppet.com - make your own puppets; pattern & directions for puchase

CertainSound.com - audio & video/dvd resources for children

ChildrensBibleClub.com - Illustrated Living Stories Collection visual aids (Snowflake, Crippled Tom, Jimmy and the Athiest, Little Boat Twice Owned, Little Red Hen, and many more favorite illustrated stories); "Aunt Carolyn" stories; other stories, plays and music available

The Felt Source - flannelgraph resource

Guiding Light Video - field trip videos; character building videoes; musicals, plays & choir kits including VBS and summer camp; kids Christian DVD's; kids Christian software & games; Christian board games; scripture candy

Mercy & Truth Ministries - teacher resources; flashcards for Creation, Plagues, Ten Commandments, Salvation, Fruit of the Spirit; object lessons

Puppets for Jesus - all aspects of a puppet ministry is found here

Puppets for Minsitry - puppets; info for puppet directors; performance needs; puppet music; patterns & puppet building; blacklight puppetry; puppet scripts; school programming; workshop DVDs and CDs

The Puppet Store - full range of puppets available; grandparents, moms & dads; occupations; animails; blacklight puppets; display stands; puppet clothes, scripts, and stage

Christian Films/Movies

ChristianCinema.com - wide variety of films available; categorized in a variety of ways; use with discretion

ChristianFilms.com - films produced by the Christiano Brothers; site claims that every movie listed has a message for Jesus Christ; use with discretion

Sherwood Pictures - the makers of Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Flywheel and Courageous

Unusual Films Productions - Christian films produced by Bob Jones University

Wall Builders - excellent Biblical world view DVDs regarding American history; appropriate for any patriotic season or election time; adult and children's DVDs available; search their Store tab for DVDs and other resources

When Silence Speaks - DVD available from the Bill Rice Ranch; locate DVD under the Sign Language section

Youth Pastor & Layworker Resources

CarySchmidt.org - blog style site with many resources regarding family, youth and student ministry

Christian Clip Art - FREE to use on your website; low, one-time purchase membership to print

The Dialectizer - Redneck, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Moron, Pig Latin, or Hacker translations; placed here for skit production; NOTE: We have used this source to translate the balcony scene of Romeo & Juliet into Redneck for a Valentine skit. BEWARE, however, to read the translated script before handing out as some translations could develop unintentional inappropriate language or offensive comments.

EgadIdeas - indoor/outdoor games, retreats, fundraising, fundraisers, scavenger hunts, and more to browse

FactoryTourUSA.com - a directory of factories that give behind the scenes tours; search by state or category; great for quick day trips on Saturdays or during the summer

Glow Publications - devotionals for kids, teens and adults; also several other resources; a ministry of Lifeway Baptist Church, Elletsville, IN

GracewayMedia.com - formerly PowerPointSermons.com; media files for power point presentations, announcements, and sermons

The Idea Box - music, holidays, recipes, games, activities and more for early childhood and elementary

K-12 Lesson Plans - create your own FREE website for your class; excellent tool for any Sunday School class or ministry; fully adaptable; features include personalized domain name, online quizzes, event calendar, announcements, parent email list; file manager; no HTML knowledge necessary

Ministry127.com - free resources in a variety of areas including media (service slides, videos), podcasts, articles, sermon outlines & illustrations, etc.; categories include pastoral leadership, sermon helps, outreach & discipleship, studen ministry, adult classes, ladies ministry, music, media & technology, Christian education, children's ministry, church planting, secretarial & support, missions, family help, singles ministry, Christian living, and more

ShareFaith.com - professionally done pre-made sets, themes, seasonal; videos, bulletin/program covers, backgrounds, flyers, newsletters, power points and more; per/month or per/year charge

SkyWriting.net - inspriational stories, quotes, poems, cartoons, and humor for any occasion

TheSource4YM.com - great resource for keeping up with current trends in youth ministry; games, skits, logistics, and many more topics

UltimateCampResource.com - great resource; camp vendor info; directions for building water balloon launcher among other things; camp art projects, games, skits, songs, ice breakers, ropes course activities, team building activities

YouthLeaderStash.com - group games, volunteer games, and mixers; other ideas and media available; use with discretion

YouthPastor.com - 300+ games, resource directory, youth group names, blog links, tips, etc.; use with discretion

Puzzle Maker - create personalized word searches, crosswords, secret messages & more for FREE; great for review

Wholesome Words - great resource for quality information and material; Bible reading schedules; biographies; children's corner; missionary biographies; poetry & praise; quotes & notes; KJV

WILDS.org - look under the Bible Studies/Other Resources section and the Other Resources tab; 7 volumes in all filled with games, activity ideas, skits and more

Nursery & Children's Ministry

BunkieCribs.com - space saving solutions for nurseries

Children's Ministry Resources - cribs & rockers; tables, chairs & storage; story time rugs; faith based toys, games; bulletin board sets

ChurchNursery.com - paging; bag identity, roll & sheet alert stickers for allergy, info/accomplishments for parents and nursery staff; furniture; wristbands for security, identity, and events; logo bag tags; first aid kits; administrative forms include pre-made child information sheets, check-in forms, and incident/accident reports;

Microframe - church paging systems and ministry tools

Toddler Tables - toddler and activity tables

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