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Politics 2016

Before you head to the polls in 2016, get to know the candidates. Fact check and be informed. Candidates will be added as they announce and removed from the list as they withdraw from the race. Head over to News & Politics for current news information.

The Candidates for 2016

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Businessman Donald Trump

Political Information

Politics1.com - The most comprehensive list of all candidates for every party. They also include the above major candidates' full contact information including Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

Democratic National Committee

House.gov - contact & track votes of your congressman; keep up to date on House business

Tea Party Patriots

Republican National Committee

Senate.gov - contact & track votes of your senators; keep up to date on Senate business

Voter Guides, Voter Information and Polls

Christian Voter Guide - also provides clergy resources

Do Christians Have an Obligation to Vote?- article

Family Research Council - tracks Washington decisions that affect the family

Gallup Poll - data driven news based on USA and world polls

I Vote Values - developed by The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, an agency of the Southern Baptist Convention

Pew Research Center - research on politics and policies

Project Vote Smart - non-partisan

Quinnipiac University Polling Institute - polling data

Rasmussen Reports - polling data

Real Clear Politics Poll Averages

Miscellaneous & Issue Related Information

Barna Research - polling group that tracks trends in society

Citizen Impact - faith-based ministry dealing with politics, history and Christians

FactCheck.org - non-partisan

The Heritage Foundation - conservative policy research analysis

Life Issues Institute - serving the educational needs of the pro-life movement

Presidential Prayer Team - great info for praying for our leaders

The Rutherford Institute - The Rutherford Institute provides information and resources on a variety of topics including explanations of civil liberties and our religious freedom. Resources regarding education -- public, private, Christian and home school -- for parents, students and teachers are available. Other areas of interest include workplace religious freedoms, parental rights, The National Day of Prayer and "See You at the Pole".

Wallbuilders.com - presenting America's forgotten history & heroes with emphasis on our moral, religious & constitutional heritage

updated 7/2016

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