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Outreach Ideas, Ministries & Resources

Many churches shy away from outreach programs as gimmicks or just plain outrageous. However, the purpose of these ministries is to introduce your church and its members to the community and vice versa. As you browse these suggestions, remember to hold to your beliefs and do not compromise.

Outreach Resources

Smart Reach Network - new app for iPads and iPhones developed by a pastor and his assistant to more effectively and efficiently conduct ministry; various ways to sort lists for Sunday school, membership, youth groups, visitors and new prospects; includes a GPS sort; update your database as often as needed; small fee for use

Outreach Ministries

101 Outreach Ideas for Small Churches - article

ABeka English as a Second Language - on line lessons; could be used as an outreach

Bob Holmes: The One Man Volleyball Team - public school evangelistic outreach working in conjuction with a local church

Deaf Ministry Resources - available from the Bill Rice Ranch

Magic & Morality - an outreach event for local churches to reach into the local school system and other children's organizations; illusions conducted by Evangelist David Corn

Reformers Unanimous International - excellent addiction recovery program; deals with typical addictions plus any stronghold; for the entire family, not just the addicted; also use as a discipleship program

Spring Flings, Fall Festivals, Trunk or Treat, Carnivals - resources for setting up a community outreach for children and families at designated times of the year

Upward Sports Leagues - church sponsored sports leagues to reach families in your community; basketball, soccer, flag football, and cheerleading

Christian Films/Movies

ChristianCinema.com - wide variety of films available; categorized in a variety of ways; use with discretion

ChristianFilms.com - site claims that every movie listed has a message for Jesus Christ; use with discretion

Cloud Ten Pictures - the makers of the Left Behind movies and many others; tend to be more prophecy related

Sherwood Pictures - the makers of Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Flywheel; release date for their latest film, Courageous, TBA

Unusual Films Productions - Christian films produced by Bob Jones University

Wall Builders - excellent Biblical world view DVD's regarding American history; appropriate for any patriotic season or election time; adult and children's DVD's available

When Silence Speaks - DVD available from the Bill Rice Ranch

Outreach Resources

Berean Baskets/Glad You Visited - postcards thanking guests for attending; several are KJV

Berean Baskets/Invitation - postcards sending an invitation for Sunday school or general invitation; several are KJV

Berean Baskets/Miss You - postcards to send to absentees; several are KJV

Door Hangers Direct - DIY door hangers for neighborhood canvassing TIP: We have had greatest success using size H3 in 90# weight. Weight of paper is important for your copier/printer (check your copier/printer for specifications) and for stability in outdoor conditions.

KJV Cards - from Christian Book Distributors

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