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News & Politics

It is vitally important that Christians stay informed about the world around them. We are to be in the world, not of it. The following sites are from a vast array of sources so that you can keep informed on all aspects and viewpoints of news and politics. Head over to Politics 2016 for current political information.

News Organizations

ABC News

Associated Press

Baptist Press - news with a Christian perspective

CBS News

CNBC.com - business news





FoxBusiness.com - business news


One News Now - a division of the American Family News Network


World Mag - today's news from a Christian view

Worthy News - large focus on articles that mention missionaries, persecution of Christians, etc.


The Blaze - news, info, opinion presented by Glenn Beck


National Review Online

Republican National Committee

Rush Limbaugh

Tea Party Patriots


Sean Hannity

The Weekly Standard


Daily Kos

Democratic National Committee

Democratic Underground


Liberal Oasis


The Nation


AccuWeather.com - enter your zip code for your local area

National Hurricane Center

NOAA - Space Weather Prediction Center

NOAA - Weather Center - clickable map; enter your city and state for local forecast

SpaceWeather.com - great resource for info regarding meteor showers and astronomical events for viewing

USGS.gov - US Geological Survey; earthquake, volcano, landslide, geomagnetism and coastal and marine geology news; fact sheets available for each hazard

The Weather Channel - enter zip code for your local forecast

Weather Underground - enter zip code for your local forecast

Weekly Weather and Crop Forecast

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