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Christian Legal Resources

The best defense is a good offense! Churches must be pro-active in protecting the ministry, their members, and those to whom they minister. The following resources are intended to assist you in locating legal help for all aspects of your ministry. In these uncertain times and rapidly changing laws, evangelists, pastors, missionaries, Christian schools, and home schoolers as well as other para-church ministries (camps, rescue missions, etc.) need to be informed regarding their freedoms and limitations within the law.

Pastors, Politics and the Church

These sites will help you ensure that you and your church participate in politics appropriately, within the law, and that your Constitutional rights are not violated.


ADF's Speak Up Movement

Becket Fund

Liberty Counsel

Liberty Institute

National Legal Foundation

Pacific Justice Institute

All About Law - free legal forms; not a Christan site

Legal Resources

Alliance Defending Freedom - Primarily focused on defending the First Ammendment, the right of religious freedom. Provides education and resource information for the church and its members on their rights and privileges provided in the Constitution regarding practicing and sharing their religion.

American Center for Law and Justice - Focusing on constitutional and human rights law worldwide, the American Center for Law and Justice helps keep you informed about laws and potential legistation that affects every aspect of our lives. The site also links to the ACLJ radio and television programs.

Becket Fund - organization protects religious freedoms of all faiths

Christian Law Association (CLA) - Information for all current issues. Resources include a legal alert newsletter and eAlert newsletters, bulletin inserts, legal tip videos, and legal brochures. Their publications catalog includes resources regarding staff, employment law and payroll information, child abuse reporting and children's ministry protections, church organization and by-laws, layworkers, liability issues, financial and tax information plus much more.

Christian Legal Society - A non-denominational organization of lawyers, judges, and government officials "seeking justice with the love of God". Please note that the lawyers listed in the Referral Directory have agreed to the statement of faith of the CLS; their personal or professional qualifications are not screened by the CLS.

Church Law and Tax - provides information to help keep churches safe, legal, and financially sound; topics include Law, Tax, Finanance, Risk, and a library of issues related to pastors and ministry

Homeschool Legal Defense Association - advocates for the home school

Liberty Counsel - Liberty Counsel provides pro bono legal assistance in the areas of religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the family. Good resource for pastors regarding what they can and cannot do in the area of politics.

Liberty Institute - Liberty Institute began as a small advocacy organization under a different name and advanced the cause of liberty, including religious liberty. Forty years later it has grown into an influential non-profit law firm, dedicated to defending and restoring religious liberty across America.

National Legal Foundation - Founded in 1985, the NLF is a Christian public interest law firm dedicated to the preservation of America's freedom and constitutional rights.

Pacific Justice Institute - This is a non-profit legal defense organization specializing in the defense of religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties. Pacific Justice Institute works diligently, without charge, to provide clients with all the legal support they need.

The Rutherford Institute - The Rutherford Institute provides information and resources on a variety of topics including explanations of civil liberties and our religious freedom. Resources regarding education -- public, private, Christian and home school -- for parents, students and teachers are available. Other areas of interest include workplace religious freedoms, parental rights, The National Day of Prayer and "See You at the Pole".

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