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General Ministry Information

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  • General Ministry Brochure

  • Church Helps

  • Over the years more and more pastors are leaving the ministry due to discouragement. Many missionaries are coming home for the same reason. Others are leaving the church for what appears to be an easier way. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, "Two are better than one; for they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up." This ministry is here to help.

  • Ministries of Help

  • The ministry, Hold Fast the Truth, wants to help you identify and deal with issues in your church that are not based upon absolute truth. Survey's show that nearly 45% of those who call themselves Bible believers do not believe they can even know if there really is absolute truth. This ministry helps evaluate what ministries are working for your church and how to enhance them.

  • Holding Fast the Truth Bible Conferences

  • The Bible conferences offered by Hold Fast Ministries are targeted for various groups in your church as well as for the entire church body. HFT Youth Conferences work with your teens, walking them through the truths of Biblical salvation to Biblical truths of walking with God. This conference is able to work in a Christian school setting as well as your youth group at your church. It can be up to 16 sessions and 4 different tracks, depending on the growth point of your group.

    HFT Children's Ministry Conferences

    HFT Children's Ministry Conferences deal primarily with children's workers, but involves the children themselves. There can be up to 4 sessions per day with 3 different tracks. It is designed to reach children with the Gospel while at the same time training workers to continue the outreach.

    HFT Teacher Training Bible Conferences

    HFT Teacher Training Bible Conferences are designed to work with the adults in your church who want to make an impact in others lives. The conference takes the absolute truth of God's Word and teaches the students how to glean the truths for themselves, with practical ideas for ministry in Sunday school and other aspects of ministry. This is an 8 session conference with two different tracks.

    HFT Biblical Ethics Conference

    HFT Biblical Ethics Conference is a revealing conference that shows how much of the world's influence and philosophy has entered into so many people's lives as well as the church as a whole. The conference takes every day life issues to the Bible, examining them through the light of God's Word.

    Hold Fast Ministries is here for you. We want to take the truth of God's Word and help each person to see and live out those truths. The power to reach the world is in the truth of God's Word. The present world thinking is that there are no absolute truths and that all of life is relative - what's right for you is right for you; what's right for me is right for me. We want to help you spot that thinking and stop it from hurting your church.

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