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TIP: Expand your game repertoire by using common, basic games and changing the name and/or the rules to suit the age level or the theme.

Childrens Games from Around the World - classic games played with a twist; example: directions for tag as played in Brazil, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Korea, Colombia, Turkey, and Taiwan

Crossword Labs - create your own crossword puzzles for review, games or just for fun; password protect your answer key; no registration; FREE to use

Custom Puzzles - create personalized crossword puzzles for any occasion; great for use as review; FREE version available

EgadIdeas - indoor/outdoor games, retreats, fundraising, fundraisers, scavenger hunts, and more to browse

FunandGames.org/Games - games divided into multiple categories

Games - Board Games - kids, family and couples games

Games4YouthGroups.com - 1000 games; aquaintance, trust, circle, contest, relay, theme, etc.

Games Kids Play - You remember playing them, but do you remember the rules? rules, jump rope rhymes, and memories; search by category or alphabetically

Group-Games.com - nice list of group games; rules, instructions, and variations provided; types of games included: action-oriented games, card games, icebreakers, rhythm games, stationary games, team building activities

The Idea Box - games, activities and more for early childhood and elementary

Jeopardy Labs - create your own Jeopardy boards for review, games or just for fun; this is not a power point program; no registration; FREE to use

Jubed.com - youth group games, team building games, ice breakers, activities or ideas for youth group; search the entire database or choose specific criteria based on your need

Minute to Win It Games - 60 second games from the popular television show; great for all ages

Old-Time Children's Games - 3 dozen games played for generations

Outdoor Games - source for games suitable for playing outside

Party Games - primarily for indoors; great for K5-5th grades; adaptable (with a twist) for teens

Physical Fitness Resouces for Kids - several links for activity ideas; also ideas to keep kids active(Thank you to Barbara and the kids at Afterskoolkids.orgfor this submission!)

Puzzle Maker - create personalized word searches, crosswords, secret messages & more for FREE; one of our personal favorites

Testmoz - create your own test online; excellent for media savvy youth groups; 4 question types; detailed reports; passcode protected; no registration creator or students; must keep track of the test URL; FREE to use

TheSource4YM.com/Games - multiple search options; games include: mixers, up-front, big room, audience, anywhere, sick/twisted, outdoor, etc.

UltimateCampResource.com - great resource; icebreakers; games; skits; art projects; directions for building water balloon launcher among other things; camp vendor info, good for youth groups as well

UthLeader.com - IFB forum for youth ministry

Youth Group Games - search by feature (cost, messy, etc.); age; size of group; space consideration; objective; duration

YouthGroupGames.org - search by group size & age; category; may also add a game

YouthPastor.com - 300+ games

YouthWork-Practice.com - claims 2000+ games on site; for use for a birthday party to camp setting

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