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Family & Parenting

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  • What Do You Do When There Isn't a Chapter or Verse?

  • General Family Helps

    Barna.org - well known source of tracking trends and changes regarding culture, family, children & teens, religion and more

    Biblical Family Ministries - founded with the absolute conviction that Bible truth can solve the growing problems of broken and divided homes with all the accompanying heartache; the book "Parenting: One Chance To Do It Right" is an excellent resource from here

    Canning & Preserving - Canning is growing in popularity once again for many reasons. Here are a few sites that will help get you started on this wonderful method of cooking.

    CarySchmidt.org - blog style site with many resources regarding family, youth and student ministry

    Character and Morals Training

    Christian Radio Stations - locate Christian radio stations from anywhere in the world to encourage you through your day

    Crock Pot Cooking - If you find you are only using your slow cooker for pot roast or chili, browse the following sites for a new look at an old stand by.

    Family Research Council - keep track of Washington decisions that affect the family

    Focus on the Family - marriage, family, life issues addresed; resources available

    Frugal Living Helps - In economically strapped times, knowing how to pinch a penny sure does help. Tips on stretching a dollar, controlling budgets, recipes, travel & gas tips, and much more.

    Games - Board Games - kids, family and couples games

    Homeschooling Resources - Homeschooling resources including curriculums and programs; teacher, student and planning helps; standardized testing information; and other miscellaneous information.

    Internet & Technology Security Resources - You CANNOT be too safe today. None of us think that a fence around the yard is the same as a prison compound. Technology security is not an invasion of privacy; it is a cyber fence of protection.

    Kids, Tweens & Teens Resources

    Ministry127.com - check out their Family Helps, Christian education and Christian Living sections

    Miscellaneous, Vintage & Hard to Find Recipes plus Other Stuff - This collection of sites just do not fit anywhere else. Enjoy looking for a copy cat recipe, a vintage recipe from grandma, or information about ingredients and techniques.

    Modest Clothing - Formals to bridal gowns, skirts and dresses, culottes to ""shorts"", and swimwear; these sites include modest clothing for every preference for men, women and children. We also include resources for those with, or those considering, school uniform policies.

    Modesty Survey - We encourage everyone who finds this page - male or female, regardless of age - go to the survey for an eye-opening view of what men really think of immodest clothing, including teens as young as 12 years old.

    Once a Month Cooking - These sites will explain the concept of once a month cooking, freezer cooking and cooking once and eating twice.

    Virtuous Reality - a blog that focuses on teen trends for pre-teen & teen girls; good way to keep up with changing times

    Wholesome Words - great resource for quality information and material; KJV

    Singleness & Marriage

    Family Life - website contains info & resources from Dennis & Barbara Rainey; Weekend to Remember conferences can be found here

    Fireproof products - great DVD and the Love Dare project for bringing the spark back in a marriage

    Growthtrac - Christian-based resource for singles, dating, engaged and married people

    Marriage Missions - marriage information for all stages of relationships from a Christian perspective

    Marriage Resources

    Ministry127.com - check out their Singles Ministry section

    Single Life Resources

    SmartMarriages.com - although not all resources are faith based, the site promotes the importance of strong marriages; look for the Free Stuff tab at the top

    Husbands & Fathers

    ChristianFathers.com - many articles for fathers to consider

    Covenant Eyes - internet accountability software for individuals, families, and organizations

    Dads.org - promoting Christian fatherhood; Catholic based

    Fathers.com - created by the National Center for Fathering; many topics & life situations to choose from

    Fatherville.com - articles written by fathers for fathers to encourage others to become better fathers

    Resources for Dads

    Resources for Husbands

    Wives & Mothers

    30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge for Wives

    BaptistMom.com - articles for newborn through teens; training & discipline

    Ladies Ministry Resources - information geared specifically to ladies

    Mom Life Today - articles on adoption/fostering, faith, blended families, special needs, parenting, and more

    MOPS International - mothers of preschoolers

    Revive Our Hearts Ministry - encouragement for women to have a closer walk with the Lord; many issues and topics

    Resources for Moms

    Resources for Wives

    Parenting Helps

    BeSecure Online - internet filter for purchase; HIGHLY ENDORSED; for macs too; whole-house filtering for any browser device that enters your home & connects to your router (smart phones, Wii, laptops, etc.)

    Biblical Strategy - many games for family, computer, and video

    CertainSound.com - Christ-honoring music and drama for the family

    Craft Project Resources - Bored kids? Links to sites for craft projects for kids, adults or events.

    Craft Supply Resources - Supply resources for real flowers and craft supplies.

    Family Safe Media - TV & gaming time control power locks; CarChip (great for parents of teen drivers); filtering DVD players & TV Guardian; video monitors; computer monitoring software & internet/SPAM filters; and more

    Family Table Time - an interactive tool to make mealtime fun and ultimately help bring families closer together; product for purchase

    Guiding Light Video - many videos, audio and games to choose from suitable for the family or children's ministry

    Healthy Cooking - More and more of us are looking for healthier alternatives to our old comfort foods. These sites provide recipes for those wanting to be more health conscious.

    Internet & Technology Security Resources - You CANNOT be too safe today. None of us think that a fence around the yard is the same as a prison compound. Technology security is not an invasion of privacy; it is a cyber fence of protection.

    Kids in Mind - movie reviews; content analysis is very detailed

    Lingo2Word.com - evr feel lk u jst dnt gt it? Do txt msgs jst l%k lk a bunch of letAs thrown on d screen? lern 2 comnC8 w/yr teen again! translate text to English or English to text; searchable text message dictionary (PS - We used the translator for the first part of this listing!)

    Movie Guide - movie reviews from a Christian perspective; Ted Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission, founded the site

    Online text, slang & internet dictionaries - Jeepers creepers. Cool. Narly. Gag me with a spoon. Suh-weet. BFF. LOL. Teen language changes rapidly today, more so than when we were kids. Due to the graphic nature of the language at times, we have opted NOT to direct link to them. If you need to translate slang, text, IM or chat speak, simply search for "slang dictionaries" or "text translators" in your favorite search engine. Do not get left in the dark on what your kids are saying.

    Parenting Resources

    Plugged In Online - sponsored by Focus on the Family; movie, videos, television & game reviews

    Printables - Items you can print on your own computer. Forms, charts, home school lessons, practice sheets, coloring pages and so much more.

    Printables for Kids - a wide range of printables for kids; coloring pages; homeschool materials; homework helpers; mazes; puzzles and more

    Purity and Abstinence Resources - purity rings for men and women; devotionals and books for training an oversexed generation

    USFamilyGuide.com - click your state to locate a Family Guide in your area for family-friendly activities, merchants, dining and some discounts

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