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Book Release -- THIRD BOOK!

We are pleased to announce the release of our THIRD book, The Business of Ministry written by Dan & Melissa Woltmann.

The strength of any endeavor is in its foundation. The church should not be any exception. Starting a church should include a true biblical understanding of a church as well as organizing the business aspects of the church correctly. A church has a unique role in the world. It is first a ministry in that it ministers to the needs of its members and those outside the church by proclaiming the Gospel through preaching, teaching, and organizing various outreach efforts for and in the community. However, it is also a business. Churches must maintain the business of church or they may not have a church with which to minister. In this book, we examine the foundational documents that every church should have in order to protect themselves and their members. We discuss the differences between the legal and spiritual items necessary for a church to function. We then explore the areas where biblical principles need to be followed yet where there are are many practical ways to function in the day to day business of the church without violating any biblical principles.

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The Business of Ministry

Prepared to Bless: Biblical Principles for Preparedness

Biblical Principles and Practicals for Every Day: A Daily Bible Study

Prepared to Bless: Biblical Principles for Preparedness is also available through this PayPal link.

The 366 day devotional book is available for purchase through this link atAmazon.com - Biblical Principles and Practicals for Every Day: A Daily Bible Study .

You may also purchase Biblical Principles and Practicals for Every Day: A Daily Bible Study through this PayPal link.

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New Blogs

We are pleased to announce new blog sites for both Dan and Melissa. Come join us over on the blogs for articles, tips, memes, and devotionals.

Dan's blog -- Hold Fast the Truth Ministries

Melissa's blog -- Virtuous Grace and Truth

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News and Politics

The primary elections are just around the corner. Every citizen should be well informed before they cast their vote. News organizations, news websites, and candidate websites are located on our News & Politics page.

News and Politics - Extensive list of news sites from all sides plus various weather resources.

Politics 2016 - Listing of all major candidates as well as voting and voter information. Links to polls and fact checkers.

Christian Legal Resources - Before presenting any political information, check with the resources on this page to keep within the law and to fully understand your freedoms in this area.


Reminder to start looking into the standardize testing your state may require. Now is also the time to plan for college entrance tests such as the SAT and the ACT. For those freshmen and sophmores, consider vocational and aptitude testing. Links found through our Homeschool Resource page.

Homeschool and Other Educational Resources - Visit this page for curriculum & programs; teacher, student & planning helps (including field trip info!); and standardized tests & career testing resources.

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Missions banquets, wedding and baby showers, Ladies Teas and Cookie Exchanges... the list is endless. Start your planning by browsing these pages for all your possible needs.

Banquets - Homecoming, Appreciation Dinners, Missions & Ladies Banquets, and so much more. Resources for planning a great event!

Cooking for Crowds - Great resource for that upcoming banquet or conference. Recipes for 25, 50, 100+.

Mission Conference Helps & Resources - Mission conferences are a great way to introduce your people to missions and for your people to honor missionaries.

Novelties - Looking for bulk candy, gadgets, toys, gifts and more to give away at your event? This is the place to begin. Not just for the kids... many resources have items for adults, too!

Games, Showers & Teas - Ideas to add to your ladies meetings or for showers and such.

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